Pellek wife sexual dysfunction - Man with ED asks Reddit users: 'Should I let my wife have SEX with other men’

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The urinary system is the set of structures for the secretion and excretion of waste preparations of metabolism in animals. In special, it produces urine to allow the elimination of nitrogenous waste, that is why the animals that produce urine are called ureotelic, unlike other living thing species that assemble ammonia ammoniotelic or uric acid uricotelic.

The urea, derived from ammonia, is dissolved with not wash lavishly and converted in the kidneys in urine to be eliminated without creating dangers for the organism. The urinary system mainly plays the function of blood clearance and elimination of dissoluteness contained therein.

That purification takes all set in the kidneys, the main vehicle of the excretory apparatus, consisting of a medullary district including the renal pyramids, and a cortex area. In the glomerulus there is an undiscerning filtration of plasma: Then it passes into the renal tubule and in this way, from ultrafiltrate are selectively reabsorbed water and sodium ions and other materials secreted, to obtain the urine. The urine is continually formed in the kidneys and conducted from top to bottom the ureters to the bladder, which can contain up to ml of urine.

The fallacious muscles called sphincters have the strain scold of preventing the involuntary leakage of urine. Generally everyday quantities of urine pass from the ureter to the bladder every sec.

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The rationale on the use of diets with a high amount of acid also finds its response in infections caused by stones. This is due to the particular anatomy of man in which the urinary meatus is located in a distinct anatomic area and thanks to the length of the urethra. In case of UTI caused by chlamydia or mycoplasma, the treatment requires a longer duration and are used other types of antibiotics such as tetracycline or doxaciclina.

The incidence of cystitis in man is times lower than that of the woman. Cystitis are classified according to the clinical characteristics and the presence or absence of underlying diseases, in complicated and uncomplicated cystitis. The urea, derived from ammonia, is dissolved with water and converted in the kidneys in urine to be eliminated without creating dangers for the organism.

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Renal and Urology News Company News For any communications to RNE Biofarma, we advise you to contact the office in charge sending an email and leaving your contact details. So it is indicated in these cases the introduction of adequate intakes of foods rich in fibers and in the most resistant cases the association of any fiber supplements that are like ordinary laxatives, but unlike these do not prevent the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

For women cleansing should be done only with movements performed from front to back, to avoid contamination of the genitals Prefer a shower instead of a bath Intensify hygiene during menstruation and after sexual activity; any tampons should be often changed and not left in place during the night to avoid the proliferation of any bacteria present in the bladder.

The urine is continually formed in the kidneys and conducted through the ureters to the bladder, which can contain up to ml of urine.

Therefore it is appropriate to increase the acid residual food and decrease those in alkaline residue.

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