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During his career, Whitley only recorded two albums but charted 12 singles on the Billboard country charts, and 7 more after his death. Whitley began his career there in ,...

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  • Jul 1, Keith Whitley's long catalog of hits includes several timeless love “Tell Lorrie I Love Her” His death...
  • Tell Lorrie I Love Her Lyrics: If I were alone in the...
  • Lyrics to Tell Lorrie I Love Her by Keith Whitley from the Remembered album - including...
  • Comment: I recently heard a song by the late country singer Keith Whitley titled " Tell Lorrie I Love Her"....

The result was a song Whitley had optioned for his previous album called I Wonder Do You Think of Me , and was to result in his next album release.

Views Read Edit View history. A Hard Act to Follow. Whitley's first solo album, A Hard Act to Follow , was released in , and featured a more mainstream country style. As a teenager in Sandy Hook, Whitley and his friends would pass the time drinking bootleg bourbon and racing their cars down mountain roads at dangerous speeds.

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Tell Lorrie I Love Her

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Tell Lorrie I Love Her

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Keith whitley tell lorrie i love her

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Jackie Keith Whitley was an American country music singer. During his career, Whitley only Whitley also adopted Lorrie's daughter, Morgan, from her first marriage. Two new songs were added to "Greatest Hits": The first,...