Epigenetics explains homosexuality - Cross-Cultural Evidence for the Genetics of Homosexuality

By SciTechDaily December 12, According to a newly released hypothesis, homosexuality might not lie in DNA itself.

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The reasons behind why people are gay, straight or androgynous have long old-time a source of public fascination. Undoubtedly, research on the topic of libidinous orientation offers a powerful window into understanding human sexuality. Among the autochthonous Zapotec people in southern Mexico, individuals who are biologically male and sexually attracted to men are known as muxes.

They are recognized as a third gender: Muxe nguiiu tend to be masculine in their appearance and behavior; muxe gunaa are feminine.

In Western cultures, they would be considered gay men and transgender women, individually. Several correlates of male androphilia—sexual draw of biological males to men—have has-been shown across various cultures, which is suggestive of a common biological institution among them.

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Leave a comment Cancel reply Email address is optional. This work suggests that common genetic factors may underlie the expression of both. Emma December 13, at 1: Many of us have been curious as to why some of us are straight or gay; "Why are some of us attracted to the opposite sex? However, it is evident that this is not the case, consequently leaving a gap in the explanation for homosexuality. It adjusts specific genes in the genome to respond to humans' rapidly changing environments.

Numberless of us have dinosaur curious as to why some of us are straight or gay; "Why are some of us attracted to the facing sex? A study Choice, published in the Archives of Genital Behavior Authorized, found linkages in a specific tract of the X chromosome labelled Xq28 and in another sphere of chromosome 8, known as 8q12, in insusceptible to gay siblings.

Traits alike hair color, height and intelligence diversified between each brothers in a and mid all clusters of brothers. In other words, any single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs — differences on a single message in the genetic lex scripta 'statute law' — begin in the same genetic locations crossed the assemblage would probable be associated with progenitive orientation.

Come what may, there requirements to be more between engagements done to determine the specific genes involved and how they work, including if there are synonymous genes in women.

The study provides researchers with the possible to lessen down fewer genes linked to sensual preference. The belief that homosexuality is genetic can create a paradox.

A study published in Information used epigenetics to offer that has a gay gene, but it's contingent on whether the attachment of a methyl group to specific regions of DNA is triggered and turned on.

Of course as a trained scientist I will NOT call your flimsy mish-mash of tossed about ifs and maybes science OR research, but I will share this one simple fact with you. But again, what if it could be prevented? Science 16 November Vol , Issue Epigenetic marks epi-marks are temporary "switches" that control how our genes are expressed during gestation and after birth.

Valll February 18, at 4: Determining whether epi-marks have not been erased will be difficult to test, said Vilain, because the marks relevant to sexual orientation will probably be in the brain.

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A pride march in Belgrade last month.

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Epigenetic "Epigenetics explains homosexuality" of homosexuality concern the studies of changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms other...