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In a thoughtful response to the St Andrew's Day Statement of Rowan Williams asked how the authors might address "the good news" to a certain...

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A pastoral question arises. It is interesting because Roughgarden also cites Money as someone who failed to recognise the importance of biology. It is one and the same Gospel witnessed to by gay and non-gay, a gospel of redemption from the enslavement of sin and of the purification of desire. There is a neighbour for whom strict equality of regard and open candour - "irresponsibility", in the very best sense of that ambiguous word - makes it a primary obligation to put these questions and search for the answers with a persistent patience not to be cut short by the concerns of purely managerial efficiency.

The term "gay" was first abusive, then descriptive; first insulting, then proudly identifying. There never are in the Christian life. If the first good news for the gay Christian, then, is that the "great question" - the question of the self, with all its pain and its hope, can be opened illuminatingly in the light of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, there is also a second good news.

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For O'Donovan, the 'transsexual' ignores their true form, willing to become the sex they are not. But to be gendered is to be caught up into becoming - not a strange idea for Christian theology. The Christian ethicist, Oliver O'Donovan, and the feminist philosopher, Judith Butler, may seem an unlikely pairing, but both offer similar accounts of how human identity is constituted in modern societies.

For Butler, identity is produced through performativity , the incessant repetition of gendered discourses on and in bodies: Identity, in this account, is an artifice, a fashioning by unbidden discourses and - on occasion - individual and group intervention in those discourses: So too O'Donovan, who sees an artificing of self in modern society, through discourse and technology.

In his short book Begotten or Made? For once some people can choose their sex, we see that all have - in a sense - chosen their sex simply because they could choose it if they so wished. The natural is but a special case of the artificial. But O'Donovan parts company with Butler in deploring the modern making of sexual identity, the artificing of bodies and their desires, the production of non-traditional proclivities and practices.

Moreover, O'Donovan thinks that the social production of fundamental human identities is a modern development and possibility, whereas Butler finds that human identity has always been such a production:

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What the Bible says about homosexuality

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