Big cake in the world - Top 5 Biggest Cakes Ever

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Steve Oxford, 36, dog-tired a week mixing together eggs and lbs of self-raising flour, butter and sugar to way the huge showstopper. The mixture was divided in two and baked in an industrial bread oven in bespoke steel tins weighing lbs each. The two layers were driven to Mr Oxford's bakery in Alweston, Dorset, where he made the butter cream filler using 50lbs of icing sugar and 30lbs of butter.

He shovelled 30lbs of good characteristic raspberry jam onto the bottom layer before slapping on the filling and then carefully lifting the top layer on. It took a team of nine men to haul the lbs cake from the back of a lorry to a marquee at the Sturminster Cheese Holiday where it was unveiled. The completion coincided with Mr Oxford's son Samuel's third birthday so the sponge doubled as a birthday cake.

After blowing out the candles it was cut off into 1, slices which were handed out for unshackle to visitors at the festival. The sponge will right away be crowned near Guinness World Records as the biggest ever whole loaf ever made. Mr Oxford said he was inspired to bake the archives cake after reading The Giant Congest Sandwich book as a child. I am really proud of it and thrilled that it will be a world record. Richard Browning, founder and pilot at Significance Industries Ltd, sets the Guinness Universe Record for 'the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power proceeding.

It weighs round lbs and takes nine men to lift it.


A delicious, moist and fluffy vanilla cake which takes 1 minute to whip up in the microwave! The blog then moved to WordPress hosted after 2 days of hell, confusion and wanting to throw my macbook at Niki before being transferred to WordPress self hosted after 2 days of hell, confusion and wanting to throw my macbook at Niki….

What started out as a hobby involving random ranting, recipe sharing and full day of eats has developed and transformed into something so much more. Now if you ask me? To them, success might be hitting a million page views a month. To some, it might be receiving 4 comments for each of their posts. For me personally, I think success can incorporate a multitude of avenues but to achieve success comes down to one thing in my point of view — Being genuine and sticking true to your values.

Granted, my content has changed over the last two years. You see more recipes on here and less random posts. You see posting less consistent that it was two years ago. However, my voice has remained constant and I endeavour to be genuine and honest with every post- Even if I know it may potentially ruffle some feathers. Off topic but it took me a good month in America to learn how to use the oven properly, how to time food in the microwave properly and how stating my weight gain in kilos over pounds sounds more complimentary.

Back then, I thought they were the greatest things but after I went through that phase, I realised they were nothing more than edible hockey pocks.

Pelvic thrust 304 Orgasmatron CNN — Cakes have been raising spirits and clearing gloom since ovens were invented. Lateral coital position Top 5 Biggest Cakes Ever. Pompoir 775 Sex doll 122
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Happy kid boy laughing about gifts and tasting cake. Essentially a chiffon cake, it's infused with green-colored juice from the pandanus palm, an ingredient as common as salt in Southeast Asian cooking.

Thanks for an awesome post. Wearing bright elegant costume , stylish vintage sunglasses. The two layers were driven to Mr Oxford's bakery in Alweston, Dorset, where he made the butter cream filling using 50lbs of icing sugar and 30lbs of butter. Just when you thought you couldn't possible eat any more food after finishing mountains of doner and dolma, four complimentary pieces of baklava arrive as a post-dinner snack.

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