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It came up through the need to figure out how to perform without all our gear. Our last bus broke down in Spokane,...

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What are the rules of "taking a break"?

I listened to them on repeat so much that I think I learned the words to every song in less than a week. He was my new obsession. On his channel, he posts behind the scenes videos of him working on each song and how they all came together. Jon Bellion, a Long Island native, creates and produces every single one of his songs on a beatpad himself. I have never seen such genuine excitement and passion before, and his hard work really pays off with the songs that come out of it and the hype his fans have created.

Bellion signed to Capitol right after he put out his very first mixtape, Scattered Thoughts Vol. With this album, he decided to make an art campaign with a visual development artist from Indonesia, David Ardinaryas Lojaya, by making posters for each song on the record. I had the pleasure of speaking with Bellion a few weeks ago to talk about the album, the artwork campaign, and being on his sold-out tour, The Human Condition Tour, with his best friends from college. Check it out below.

First and foremost, congratulations on this incredible piece of art, The Human Condition , that peaked at number two on the charts. What was going through your mind the whole first day that it dropped?

But he has a special center on one subject—forensic analysis. Wade through more about Asperger's Syndrome. Atria Books , Book Quickly the Hunt family, who at best want to fit in, are directly in the spotlight. I remember very well the start time I met my cousin David. As David became a teenager, his tantrums were harder to control.

When David turned 21, he moved into a group home with other autistic young adults. During a meltdown, he put his hand totally a window — and the caretaker who owned the domicile called the police to limit him.

Although charges were not pressed, it got me wondering — how would someone autistic be perceived by the law enforcement community? I decided that with the autism rate peaking now — one out of a hundred kids is diagnosed on the spectrum — it was time to write a book that explored this unequivocally theme.

  • Others need which you buy each make amends for racket you activate.

  • Study found people with autism were attracted to center of images; Researchers Why...
  • I mean, did you have to do anything drastically differently? You know, you get a lot of...

We had a regular electric bass but everything else was acoustic. The first show we did in Salt Lake, we had a bar and there was like capacity and showed up and they were banging on the windows outside, and like hanging from the ceiling. Yeah, Greg's really laid back. Not just with music, but anything you do. From the time we first started playing in bands together, he was cranking out pop-punk songs and I was the drummer, and he was the singer.

You know, you get a lot of people that come up and say, "you guys have gotten better," or, "this is my favorite record that you've done," but it makes sense that the people who don't like what we're doing now wouldn't come tell us that.

That's not that hard.

What was your life like before you were put on the path that you're currently on? Autopsies of autistic people have shown these same activated brain cells and neuroinflammation. Whether that would work. Case in Point 2: I guess I should give you a simpler answer. Mike's asleep but if Chris, you want to do it, I can wake up Mike a little later.

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