Radiometric dating pictures for instagram - Instagram senders can delete their messages from recipients’ phones

Instagram Direct mimics some of the functionality of Snapchat for photo-sending: This makes an Instagram Direct inbox seem, in sum, closer to a Facebook photo album. The...

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Instagram has become home to a number of curious cultural phenomenons:

MinciNashu: I'm Chinese guy and I approve of this video lol. That's why I'm dating German now

EntireShadow: No irish person hangs up by just saying bye, it's always yeah bye bye bye yeah byebyebybeybebyebbbbye

RistePK: If Russian men are so desired by the ladies then how come russian women are running away from their own country?

Rex Bear: Wow, I'm not the only one who hates the north-american how are you? It's so confusing. Loved the talk and I hope I can visit Netherlands one day.

Scott Velez: The fact that everyone loves Greece just bc the Greek girl is pretty makes me feel kinda disappointed: But in fact, she's gorgeous. Btw I'm from Greece and ofc I don't hate Turkish ppl. Just remember we can't blame a whole country for the mistakes that their government did, and ofc Greek ppl made mistakes too. And no, I don't have any Turkish friends but I'd love to made some^^

Ghiz Binthuda: I want to see Spanish people or what it's like to date Spanish people. By the way this gave me a good laugh it was funny. The wine and cheese scene cracked me up.

Finn Lahey: I Think French ACCENT Is HELLA SEXY !

Dr Dave: I think you should do some videos about dating Middle Eastern men and women.

Kevin Rasta: Need to get me an Italian man.

Jham Khalifa: Italians are the cutest !

Helena G.: And Russian Men are very romantic too

Love Ya: So men like girls that dress like sluts, and are most likely fake af. Like most women these days.

Zack Plante: Polish guys and croatian women please :)))

Patrick EH: I think amazing

The cadre of users who could and can do this have invariably cultivated a personal brand for their photography, but most of them are skilled enough that were it not for Instagram, they might be shooting the campaign on another platform.

Companies may require Instagrammers to include certain information in the text caption of the posts, both for tracking and disclosure purposes, but the language is typically vague. Instagram naturally lends itself to advertising because its content focus is, obviously, photos and, more recently, video.

Its early partners were companies like Levi's and Charity Water, brands that already had a large presence on the service. Rather, ads took the form of artful photos from professional photographers, mixing business and leisure and work and play into one continuous stream of digital images. On iOS right , the exact post date.

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For instance, Finch originated the hashtag fromwhereistand, which entails top-down shots of a user's legs, feet, the ground, and occasionally an object held in one hand.

Even before Instagram was selling its own ads, there were plenty of Instagrammers who were able to get advertisers to buy space on the app. Instagram posts that are sponsored on the backend by a brand are a new form of an old marketing tactic, i.

Instagram's update shows the actual date in which a photo has been uploaded. If there's accompanying text to a sponsored post, it's short, sweet, and secondary.

Am i being kept close because i'm an enemy? or a friend?

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