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As many as 1 in 4 women in college experience unwanted sexual contact—yet, as recent scandals have brought to light,...

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The Problem Sexual assault and harassment are far too common and often never reported. Ladd is working to launch Callisto at three to five new schools in the next school year. The process of reporting can feel isolating—or worse, retraumatizing. From there, only if he or she chooses, the student can either send a report to the school.

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Work Life Work Life 5 ways you can hide your nerves when giving a speech Work Life Managers, consider these things before you give someone a promotion Work Life How to manage your workload during the holiday season. Reporting also comes with its own set of personal and professional risks. Over individual donors also contribute to Callisto. It changes the way you think about your perpetrator.

From there, only if he or she chooses, the student can either send a report to the school. Campuses that widely and very publicly use Callisto could also prevent crimes, she believes, since perpetrators would know they have a high risk of getting caught: A Callisto Options Counselor will advise victims on their choices following a match, including reporting — only if this is the right route for them.

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Jessica ladd sexual health innovations

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Callisto is a third-party college sexual assault recording and reporting system designed to support and empower survivors, improve the reporting experience. In November , Callisto CEO...