Croatia hrvatska - Croatia (Hrvatska)

The name of Croatia Croatian: The first attestation of the term is in the Latin charter of duke Trpimir from , whose original has been lost. In the...

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  • Basic facts about Croatia
  • Republika Hrvatska (Croatian). Flag of Croatia · Flag · {{{coat_alt}}}. Coat of arms. Anthem: "Lijepa naša domovino"...
  • Croatia facts: Official web sites of Croatia, links and information on Croatia's art, culture, geography,...
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Croatia has 56, square kilometers plus its sea area - 31, sq. Among altogether 47 European countries Croatia is. As an illustration, see a long list of the Karcich's living in the USA, originating from the islet Unije near the island of Cres. It is organized as parliamentary, multiparty Republic. The language we speak is Croatian , and the official script we use today is Latin.

Besides the Latin Script, another two national Scripts were used extensively during many centuries: Croatian Glagolitic and Croatian Cyrillic. The meaning of KUNA is - a marten - its skin had been used as a unit in trade. The earliest mention we know of is from the year , on the island of Cres. The first known use of kuna on a Croatian coin goes as far back as , when a local currency displaying kuna was issued in Slavonia.

Citizens of Croatia celebrating Christmas on 7th January Orthodox Christians , citizens of the Islamic denominations on the days of Ramadan Bairam and Kurban Bairam, and citizens of the Jewish denomination on the days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, have the right not to work.

Parts of the Croatian nation are historically and culturally deeply rooted to the territories of the neighbouring Slovenia , Hungary , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Serbia , Montenegro , and also to Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Romania.


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Hrvatska - definition of Hrvatska by The Free Dictionary

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Croatia hrvatska

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Banknote of HRK (Hrvatska kuna - Croatian kuna), with the Baska Tablet, Croatian Anthem Lijepa nasa (Our Beautiful) above it,...