Lawyers who deal with narcissists - Divorce Attorney’s by State that get Narcissists

Dealing With Narcissists During Divorce is a stressful and often exhausting task. Our top rated Calgary divorce lawyers and BC family law lawyers help Calgary divorce and...

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While divorce can bring out the worst in a healthy herself, a divorce involving someone with NPD is like inviting the devil himself onto the battlefield. The narcissist appears to be charming, charismatic and endearing to those whom he encounters all along the legal process, yet outdoor of the courtroom, he is calculated, manipulative and many times, downright dangerous. The untrained non-participant may perceive the situation to be about two immature parents who are not capable of putting their children first.

Sad to relate, many of the untrained observers are the very people who work in the court setup such as Judges, commissioners and attorneys. A narcissist is matching the modern-day version of Dr. The man sitting next to me in the courtroom was not the same man whom I was attempting to co-parent with. This man claimed to love his children and stated that he wanted to shell out time with them however, his actions did not match his words.

Because most courtrooms gauze people in and out undifferentiated cattle, it is imperative that you have an attorney who understands Narcissistic Personality Disorder and will work diligently to keep you and your children in a variety of ways.


Share on Facebook Share. If I were interviewing a prospective attorney, I would be very straightforward and direct. Better to apply those resources to Court proceedings;. She in turn recommended my barrister who was also very proactive. This is not to say that all attorneys are narcissistic by any means. At the beginning of my divorce, my ex-husband consulted with the top attorneys in our county which left me unable to find decent representation.

Is every ex-spouse a narcissist?

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Share on Twitter Tweet. When I met with Mr. Call Peter Graburn or anyone of our top rated family lawyers toll free at so you can win at Dealing With Narcissists During Divorce! Calgary Divorce and Separation Lawyers. Because most courtrooms filter people in and out like cattle, it is imperative that you have an attorney who understands Narcissistic Personality Disorder and will work diligently to protect you and your children in a variety of ways.

Define Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Posted Sunday, April 8,

Why do some people turn into arses in a relationship?

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Lawyers who deal with narcissists

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This is a good article we are linking to with a small list of divorce attorneys that Tina has written a few great books on dealing with a narcissist...