Imani cross wife sexual dysfunction - Effect of Infertility on Sexual Function: A Cross-Sectional Study

Infertility as the bitterest life experience can affect sexual function. Many studies have shown agitation, depression, marital dissatisfaction, and sexual dysfunction as the psychological outcomes resulting from...

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Sexual dysfunction is an important psychological disorder that may increase in infertile couples.

Cross-validation and Development of Clinical Cutoff Scores. The present work was adapted from the proposal No.

Obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and sexual dysfunction. It is also necessary that the infertility specialists pay more attention to the psycho-sexual dimensions of infertility and training programs regarding marital as well as sexual skills be held by supportive groups in infertility clinics.

Psychosocial impacts of infertility on Greek couples. Jahanfar Sh, Molaeenezhad M. All dimensions of sexual function were lower in infertile women as compared to fertile women.

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  • In a cross - sectional study evaluated the sexual function among women attending Inclusion criteria consisted of...
  • Effect of Infertility on Sexual Function: A Cross-Sectional Study
  • Effect of Infertility on Sexual Function: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Imani cross wife sexual dysfunction

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Furthermore, the rate of sexual dysfunction among the infertile women was reported as on body mass index had a negative effect on the infertile woman's sexual function. This cross-sectional survey was conducted on infertile women...