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  • Helping people with skin allergies enjoy cosmetics

    Cosmetic Scan is a mobile app which is personal in-store buying assistant for people with skin allergies. Just scan the product barcode and you will receive personalized information about its composition.  Ingredients which can irritate your skin will be highlighted.

    Download alpha version of the app and avoid allergies!

    Buy wisely, care about your skin

    Cosmetic Scan app will help you to select proper cosmetics and skin care products for your skin.

    In-store buying assistant

    Thanks to cooperation with dermatologists we prepared a number of features which will simplify your buying process.


    Barcode scanner

    Get information about the product you use and its composition in less than 5 seconds.


    Ingredients analysis

    Receive personalized information about product ingredients. Those which can harm you will be highlighted in red.



    Match your products as good or  bad and create your own personalized product list.


    Patch tests

    Input data from patch test made by your dermatologist or create your own list of allergens.


    Comprehensive database

    Database of more than 10 000 cosmetics and skin care products which can be find in shops, drugstores and malls.

    Available on Android and iOS

    Download alpha version now and enjoy cosmetics